Student Leadership

At St James’ the development of lifelong leadership skills is one of the learning opportunities offered to all students. Having effective student leaders supports the development of responsible behaviours, a positive school tone and encourages students to model the values of integrity, excellence, fairness, responsibility, democracy, cooperation, participation, respect and care.

School leaders

Students from Year 5 are all eligible to become school leaders for their time in Year 6. Saint James’ values the leadership roles Year 6 students exhibit. Senior school leaders (school captain, vice-captains, house captains) undertake a major commitment and will play a key role. As such, the school always expects the leadership team to adhere to the following:


  • To lead students from K-6
  • To represent the school at special events
  • To participate fully and responsibly in all school activities
  • To lead or participate fully in the Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • To complete jobs/responsibilities as asked by teachers or the school executive team or senior executive
  • To lead assemblies
  • To assist other students and teachers and to demonstrate a willingness to perform extra duties in own time.


  • To set a positive example to all students
  • To wear complete school uniform at all times, including leadership badge, school hat, black shoes/joggers, socks that cover the ankle, blue hair ribbons/bands. We ask for parental support in ensuring the correct full school uniform is worn at all times
  • To be fully prepared and punctual for the activity/event in which you are participating/leading, for example, buddy programs and assemblies
  • To behave appropriately at all times, in all situations
  • To follow school and class rules.


  • If a student leader breaches the charter by not fulfilling their commitments, the principal will issue a formal warning
  • Should a school leader then fail to fulfil their roles and responsibilities they will lose their leadership position.

The leaders perform a number of ceremonial roles on special occasions. They meet and liaise often with the Stage 3 teacher and principal. The leaders are responsible for setting a good example of being responsible, respectful and safe at all times.