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St James' Primary School, Muswellbrook is a Catholic school where learning comes first. Catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, the school endeavours to provide a holistic and comprehensive education for all students by nurturing the academic, physical, interpersonal and spiritual dimensions of school life. St James’ features an inviting and nurturing educational environment equipped with modern facilities and modern technology. The school grounds feature open plan collaborative classrooms, flexible working spaces, a computer lab, multi-purpose hall, outdoor covered learning area, large playground and playing fields and a fully equipped learning centre with a well-resourced library. These spaces provide a stimulating and adaptable learning environment for all students.


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Upper Hunter Wellbeing Survey

Friday 21 February

A massive thank you to those parents/ carers who have already completed the digital consent form regarding your child’s participation in the Upper Hunter Wellbeing Survey. 

Please note: Only parents with students in Year 4 – 6 need to complete the digital consent form, as only these students will be participating in the survey. 

Please indicate whether you consent for your child/ren to participate in the survey by responding YES or NO on the digital consent form, accessible at: 

Upper Hunter Wellbeing Surveys - Parental Consent Link 

Where there’s a Will have invested a significant amount of time and resources to this project, as well as a substantial financial investment of funds raised by the local community. It is important to both our St James' community and Where there’s a Will that we see as much participation as possible.

Your support of this project is greatly appreciated.

Have a great weekend,

Aaron Moon           Eloise Hand
Principal               Primary Coordinator & Lead Teacher of Positive Education

Swimming Carnival Results

Wednesday 19 February

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent the Upper Hunter at the Diocesan Swimming Carnival on Thursday 27th February:
Mitchell C, Oliver H, Shelby E, Ella W, Maddison P, Ellie B, Bai D, Imogen G and our Senior Girls Relay team (Bai, Acacia, Maddison H and Maddison P).

Upper Hunter Wellbeing Survey at St James'

Tuesday 18 February

Dear Parent/Carer,

RE: Upper Hunter Wellbeing Survey (Students in Year 3-6)

Where There’s a Will and our school are committed to understanding the needs of your child/ren and we are excited to inform you of a wellbeing initiative that we are planning for this year. We are engaging The University of Melbourne to measure the wellbeing of our students, and we seek your support to allow your child/ren to participate in the Upper Hunter Wellbeing survey that will be completed during school hours. Please note that the survey does not ask students about self-harm, substance/alcohol use or sexual behaviour.

Further information about the survey can be found on the link below (PDF copy attached). Please indicate whether you consent for your child/ren to participate in the survey by responding YES or NO on the digital consent form, accessible at:

Upper Hunter Wellbeing Surveys - Parental Consent Link

Please complete the consent form before 5pm on Friday 21st February.

If you have more than one child at school, this digital consent form allows you to indicate consent for all of your children at once. The digital consent form requires you to draw a digital signature using a computer mouse or touch screen. If you would prefer to fill out a hard copy form, a printable version of the consent form is also attached - or please contact Miss Hand via email eloise.hand@mn.catholic.edu.au 

For your information, we have attached the plain language statement that will be shown to your child/ren before commencing the survey, should you give them consent to participate.




Thank you for your ongoing support,

Aaron Moon             Eloise Hand 
Principal                 Primary Coordinator & Lead Teacher of Positive Education

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