Welcome to St James’ Primary School, Muswellbrook.
I am very proud and feel privileged to lead and serve this school community.
Our school is diverse in almost all aspects. We have a diverse cultural mix. Differing religious faiths are present, not just Catholic or Christian. Families of all economic backgrounds are members of our school. We are proud of this diversity and willingly cultivate it.
We are a Catholic school that strives for academic excellence. We take great pride in our Catholic identity, expressing Gospel values in all the key learning areas and throughout the general life of the school.
I believe each and every one of our students has a variety of rich talents, gifts and interests.

When these are affirmed and encouraged in a spirit of openness, respect and trust, we build fine young people.

Our school community is built on active partnerships between parents, school and the local parish. At St James’, we continue to build upon those early educational foundations laid by you, the first educators of your children. As such, we encourage families to take an active role in their child’s education.

Our school community is open and caring, where social justice, honesty, compassion and love are nurtured and valued.  

I encourage you to visit St James' and see for yourself the wide range of learning facilities and experiences your child can expect during their years here. 

God Bless,

Aaron Moon