Science and Technology K–6 is an integrated discipline that fosters in students a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them and how it works. Science and Technology K–6 encourages students to embrace new concepts, the unexpected and to learn through trialling, testing and refining ideas.

The study of Science and Technology develops the building blocks of inquiry and students’ abilities to solve problems. Students are provided with opportunities to develop understanding based on evidence and reason. These skills enable students to participate responsibly in developing innovative ideas and solutions in response to questions and situations relevant to personal, social and environmental issues. The learning students experience enables them to contribute to the world as active global citizens both now and in the future.

Science and technology are pedagogically linked and through their practical application promote genuine learning opportunities for students. The application of Working Scientifically, and Design and Production skills enables students to develop a sense of accomplishment and enhance their efforts of inquiry and manipulating tools and materials to produce solutions. These skills are important in preparing students to succeed in a rapidly developing technological world.

Students studying Science and Technology are encouraged to question and seek solutions to problems through collaboration, investigation, critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Students are provided with opportunities to apply thinking skills and develop an appreciation of the processes as they encounter problems, unfamiliar information and new ideas. These attributes are fundamental to the development of students who use evidence to make decisions and solve problems.

Science and Technology provides students with the opportunity to make meaningful connections with the broader learning outcomes of the K–6 curriculum in English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Creative Arts, Languages and PDHPE through authentic application of relevant knowledge and acquired skills.

Science and Technology K–6 develops students’ curiosity about natural phenomena and the built environment. It provides students with the opportunity to develop a sense of achievement by using the practical application of knowledge in the development of solutions. The skills and capabilities developed through the study of science and technology provide students with opportunities for skill development and a strong foundation for learning across the K–10 curriculum.


The study of Science and Technology in K–6 enables students to explore scientific and technological concepts and develop knowledge and understanding of the world; allowing them to inquire, plan, investigate and develop solutions to problems. Through the application of Working Scientifically, and Design and Production skills, students develop an interest in and an enthusiasm for understanding nature, phenomena and the built environment.



Students develop and apply skills in:

  • scientific inquiry through the process of working scientifically
  • design and production processes in the development of solutions
  • design and production of digital solutions.

Knowledge and understanding

Students develop knowledge and understanding of:

  • the natural world including living things, materials, forces, energy, and Earth and space
  • the built environment including engineering principles and systems, food and fibre production, and material technologies
  • digital technologies including digital systems and the way in which digital technologies represent data.

Values and attitudes


  • value the importance and contribution of science and technology in developing solutions for current and future personal, social and global issues and in shaping a sustainable future
  • appreciate the importance of using evidence and reason to engage with and respond to scientific and technological ideas as informed, reflective citizens
  • value developing solutions to problems and meeting challenges through the application of Working Scientifically, and Design and Production skills.