St James’ 19 teaching staff and nine support staff include a principal, 15 fulltime teachers, one part-time learning support teacher, four part-time learning support assistants, a part-time teacher-librarian, part-time library assistant and a clerical assistant. There is also a cleaner and grounds person.

An education officer for learning support, and a school psychologist, are available to individually assess and address students’ learning needs.

A highly structured combination of professional development opportunities, access to quality teaching resources and experiences as well as an increased emphasis on wellbeing and parent engagement has been developed to increase student readiness for and engagement in learning. Curriculum differentiation ensures the needs of students are catered for at all levels.

The leadership team is responsible for setting the operational agenda and goals of the school as driven by the Strategic and Annual Plan. This group of dynamic individuals is each responsible for key aspects of the business.

A list of staff contacts follows:

School Executive

Principal: Mr Aaron Moon

Assistant Principal: Mrs Shannon Hall

RE Coordinator: Mrs Jane Jacobs

Primary Coordinator: Miss Eloise Hand

Teaching Staff

KG Mrs Donna Smith

KM Mrs Jane Jacobs

1G Miss Emma Beletich

1M Mrs Mary Ballard

2G Miss Jane Boyle

2M Mrs Trishelle Threadgate

3G Mrs Katrina Clement

3/4M Mrs Jane Dengate

4G Mrs Donna-Maree Watt

5/6G Miss Lauren Osborne

5/6J Mrs Clare Collett

5/6M Mrs Rebecca Harrod & Mrs Jane Harris

Support Staff

Pedagogical Mentor: Mrs Shannon Hall

Gifted Education Mentor: Mrs Shannon Hall

Learning Support Teacher: Mrs Renee Gavin

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Lisa Bailey, Mrs Suzanne Hand, Mrs Monique Jones, Mrs Melissa Marco, Miss Melissa Wilson & Mrs Alicia Wicks.

EALD Teacher: Mrs Lisa Wilson

Teacher Librarian: Mrs Lisa Wilson

Aboriginal Teacher: Mrs Tania Thompson

Secretary: Mrs Virginia Chapman

Library Assistant: Mrs Nadene Douglas

Uniform Shop: Mrs Suzanne Hand

Groundsperson: Mr Kurtis Joseph

CSO Personnel based at our school

School Counsellor: Mrs Hayley Maeder