The K-12 Religion Syllabus acknowledges the close relationship between the formative influence of the family, parish and school. In this context, the Catholic school focuses on the faith formation of young people and educates them through the classroom teaching of Religion.

Goals and aims of classroom teaching of Religion

The classroom teaching of Religion promotes an understanding of Catholic beliefs and practices, and incorporates content with the same systemic demands, creativity and rigour as other key learning areas. It also considers developmental stages and attempts to adapt material appropriate to students' backgrounds.

The overall goal of classroom Religion is expressed in the diocesan policy of The Classroom Teaching of Religion (1999) as to enhance or promote knowledge and understanding of the traditions of the Catholic community; its story, its experiences and its teachings, through the following fours strands: Jesus and Scripture, History and Beliefs, Celebration and Prayer, Justice and Morality.

The classroom teaching of Religion aims to:

  • encourage students to find meaning and excitement in learning about the story, experiences and teachings of the Catholic Christian tradition
  • enable students to be more articulate and thoughtful about the Catholic Christian tradition and its place in the religious and cultural diversity of Australian society
  • encourage informed participation of students in the Catholic church community
  • enable students to know, understand and integrate Gospel values such as compassion, forgiveness, hope and justice in daily life.

Jesus and Scripture

God's love is revealed especially in the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus and communicated primarily through the Scriptures.

History and Beliefs

God acts through the church community whose central beliefs are expressed in The Creed.

Celebration and Prayer

The church community celebrates its relationship with God through the Sacraments and through communal and personal prayer.

Justice and Morality

Christians are called to live just and moral lives and to respect the whole of creation.