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SJM Update from Mr Moon

Dear Parents and Carers,


As I have stated on previous occasions, we are living in uncertain times. The advice given out last night is very confusing. I feel for everyone out there trying to come to terms with what it looks like in your space. Please be advised that if you need your children to come to school because you are an essential worker, the school is open. We will care for the needs of ALL of our children. If you want to keep your child at home, away from the public, please do so. If you make this decision to keep your child at home, please email the school:



Packs have been emailed for you to work through this week with your child. Hard copies are available in the office. Please contact us to arrange pickup.


Teachers are doing a magnificent job. I would like to publicly thank them for their commitment and dedication to their students. This is a stressful time for everyone in our community. Teachers have prepared work for the next two weeks. Our planning is for similar Literacy & Numeracy activities to be completed both at school and at home. The packs for the next fortnight will be emailed to parents on Sunday afternoon. If you do not receive them please contact the office on Monday and we will check your details. Also, if you need a hard copy please contact the office on Monday and we will have one ready for you to collect.


Being at home with your children for extended periods may be an interesting dynamic for some families. I really do encourage you to have fun, stress less and do what you can. You don't need to be having fights over completing work.


We are currently creating an online portal for all students at SJM to access 'Home Learning.' We will keep you updated with these developments.


Please find below a suggested time schedule for completing Literacy & Numeracy tasks with your child. We encourage students to have a balance of class-based content and play time.


Kindergarten - 1 hour per day in total

Year 1 and Year 2 - 1.5 hours per day in totdal

Year 3 to Year 6 - 2 hours per day in total



Please don't forget the fun in your lives. Dance, sing, play hopscotch, build lego, play barbies!




Please keep reading at home. Fill out the Home Reading book and email or messenger a photo to Mr Moon. He will put a raffle ticket in the barrel for your child. We will still draw out in Week 10 or 11.




Mr Moon is planning on doing a Live Facebook post each week for you and the children. Please keep a look out for this.


Once again, thank you so much for your support of the SJM community. We are united as we work through this.